Do you want to be a Content Ninja?

What Happens Next

Our goal is to build an elite team of high-quality writers that tackle a tantalizing variety of topics from a diverse group of clients.

After you fill out your application, this is what to expect...

  1. If we like what we see on your application, we'll invite you to write a blog article and will pay you for your work.
  2. If we like your initial article, we'll invite you to our team and you can hop into our Slack workspace and introduce yourself to the ninjas.
  3. You'll be free to pick up assignments when you have time to write.
  4. You'll have opportunities to learn and expand your skills in a supportive group of ninjas.
  5.  We pay every Monday via direct deposit for all work completed up to that point.

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Nicole Smith


"I have to say, our crew at Content Ninjas is amazing! We have so many talented folks with the same colorful personalities. I have never felt more at home with a group of co-workers. Don't get me wrong, I've had great co-workers over the years, but some of the upper management we had could suck the life out of us — NOT the case at Content Ninjas. Our upper management is amazing and so easy to talk to."

Chrissy Mamori


"We make a great team!"

Chrystal Mahan


"I am loving it. Seriously!!!! I am soooooo excited... and you guys just don't know how much of a breath of fresh air this is. How well put together you guys are. I am actually excited to be copywriting again."

Rebekah Bradley


"I want to say we have the best management team and content team! It is super hard for all of us to get into the groove when the business first starts, and we are all doing super amazing! This is an amazing company to work for!"