About Us

your future content department

My name is Christina and I've owned a marketing agency for the past 8 years. I know first hand how hard it is to find quality content writers that truly understand what it means to write for conversions. I tried — what felt like — every content service out there, hired freelancers, used freelancer marketplaces, hired employees... you name it, I tried it. 

Finally — I found what worked. You need strict processes, lots of training, and a full team of content experts that includes strategists, editors, and copywriters. I saw the need that exists in agencies for what I built, and Content Ninjas was born.


Our content team is made up of a few different roles...

Content Strategists

They work directly with you as your assigned Content Ninja. They have additional training in SEO and content marketing across a variety or platforms and techniques.

Content Managers

Review all content for best practices and quality control. They have additional training in SEO and content marketing.

Content Editors

Perform a technical audit of all content, including spelling, grammar, and formatting.


Are responsible for writing all the content that goes out.

Christina hooper

Content Strategist

Ashley Burnett

Content Strategist

Danielle Phipps

Content Manager

Vicky Taylor

Lead Content Editor